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Ordering is a cloud-based delivery solution designed for a variety of industry verticals including food delivery, grocery delivery, catering business, medical stores, cannabis and florists. Key features include automatic order... Mehr erfahren

Placebag is a cloud-based food-ordering solution. The solution allows online food ordering via restaurant websites, Facebook pages and mobile applications. Key features include email marketing, cross selling, delivery management... Mehr erfahren

UpMenu is an online ordering system that allows restaurant customers to order food directly from the website. In addition, each restaurant can run its own mobile application, which allows the customer to order food at any... Mehr erfahren

RIMS is a cloud-based solution, which helps restaurants of all sizes manage processes related to billing, payments, deliveries, orders, bookings and more. The platform comes with a feedback management system, which enables... Mehr erfahren

Ontabee is a food ordering application that helps restaurants streamline processes related to pickup/delivery, location tracking, payment processing and more. It enables users to configure time slots to display the availability... Mehr erfahren


Olo is a cloud-based food delivery platform that helps restaurants manage orders and streamline point-of-sale operations. It comes with an administrative dashboard, which enables users to enable/disable online ordering mode and... Mehr erfahren

Lunchbox is a cloud-based food delivery solution that enables restaurants to manage customer loyalty programs, online ordering, delivery, catering and more. Professionals can utilize the platform to gain visibility into sales... Mehr erfahren

nGage LMD is a cloud-based last-mile delivery management software that helps businesses overcome logistics challenges by automating delivery processes, optimizing fleet utilization, reducing operational cost, integrating with... Mehr erfahren

Slice is a food delivery software designed to help restaurant owners streamline online ordering, marketing and delivery operations. Administrators can build white-label and mobile-friendly websites to collect and manage orders.... Mehr erfahren

Mercatus is a multi-channel eCommerce software designed to help businesses in the retail industry centralize and facilitate digital engagement, advertising and personalization on a unified platform. Supervisors can track key... Mehr erfahren

ChowNow is an online ordering system, which enables restaurants to manage orders, delivery processes, customer loyalty programs and more. Professionals can gain insights into clients' histories, email addresses and other metrics... Mehr erfahren

Shipt is a food delivery platform designed to help retail stores, shoppers and customers manage deliveries and online orders. Clients can view receipts and create custom orders by choosing items for multiple product categories... Mehr erfahren

Yelo ist eine Software zur Lieferung von Lebensmitteln, die Unternehmen dabei hilft, Marktplätze mit mehreren Anbietern zu erstellen, um Waren zu verkaufen und Dienstleistungen anzubieten. Die Plattform bietet eine... Mehr erfahren

Increase your online ordering revenue by 15%-20% over other traditional online ordering systems. NO COMMISSIONS, NO CONTRACTS. SOOP's cutting-edge, AI-driven text-to-order technology not only increases average order size, but... Mehr erfahren

SolBox’s Route Optimisation, Driver PreStart and Last-mile delivery software maximises your business efficiency in quickly planning delivery runs, managing your driver's safety for compliance and impressing your customers with... Mehr erfahren