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RecVue is a cloud-based monetization solution that assists business owners to manage their hybrid subscriptions and revenue. It caters to industries such as online payments, digital marketing and health care. Key features include... Mehr erfahren

nThrive is a technology-enabled service and software provider that assists healthcare organizations with revenue cycle optimization, medical billing and claims/denial management. Professionals can assess potential departmental... Mehr erfahren

Aiosell is the only software that uses fully-integrated technology for increasing hotel occupancy and sales. Designed and developed by stalwarts of the Hotel Industry, Aiosell efficiently addresses hospitality pain points by... Mehr erfahren

Ratality ist die einzige Softwarelösung, mit der du deine gesamten Bus-, Reisebus- und Fahrzeugvermietungsunternehmen von einer einzigen cloudbasierten Plattform aus verwalten kannst. Das Ertragsmanagement und die dynamischen... Mehr erfahren