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SAM4 ist eine Software für vorbeugende Wartung, die Unternehmen in verschiedenen Industriebereichen wie Chemie, Windenergie, Stahl, Zellstoff und Papier, Wassermanagement und mehr dabei unterstützt, einen sich entwickelnden... Mehr erfahren

Fogwing is the next generation Industrial IoT platform that provides features to build IoT Solutions to address industrial use cases such as industrial equipment monitoring, asset tracking, equipment condition monitoring to... Mehr erfahren

Voyager, developed by Datablaze, is an industry-leading tool recognized for its real-time IoT data dashboard, allowing for data connection determination, user identification, and a view of current and past wireless connectivity... Mehr erfahren

Obzervr is a field automation solution that helps businesses in safety, mining, oil and gas and other industries streamline compliance, field maintenance and asset management operations. The platform allows administrators to... Mehr erfahren

Vuforia is a suite of augmented reality (AR) platforms designed to help businesses in manufacturing, marketing, automotive, aerospace, defense and other sectors create work 3D instructions, deliver product demonstrations, provide... Mehr erfahren

Airkit is a low-code CX builder for your most important customer interactions, wherever they happen. Our enterprise-grade solution connects to any system via APIs and integrations. Abstract away front-end development with... Mehr erfahren