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valido ist ein führender Anbieter von Kollaborationstools, der bestehende Technologien und Menschen dabei unterstützt, sich zu verbinden. Die Lösung von valido besteht aus einem Toolkit für digitale Mitarbeiterkommunikation und... Mehr erfahren

The COYO platform is the fourth generation social intranet communication solution that helps companies connect with all their employees who work in the office or at the workplace, making two-way communication possible. The ease... Mehr erfahren

Yammer is a private cloud-based social network that enables employees to collaborate across departments, locations, content and business applications. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Yammer is available either as a... Mehr erfahren

365Appz is an on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint intranet solution that helps small and midsize businesses create digital workplaces. Users can manage company documents, share information, give feedback and collaborate with... Mehr erfahren

Groupe.io is a cloud-based employee communications and business process automation platform that helps organizations connect their entire workforce, from HQ to the frontline, over a single platform. The all-in-one platform brings... Mehr erfahren

SION is a social collaboration tool that helps enterprises facilitate communication and exchange of, information. It streamlines direct communication and integration of all team members through chats, newsfeed, 1: 1 video calls,... Mehr erfahren