Idenfit is a cloud-based platform, which assists small to medium enterprises with workforce and access management. It includes modules for leave tracking, benefits administration, performance tracking, auditing, visitor... Mehr erfahren

Folio helps organizations manage digital identity registrations, issuance, and verifications via an interactive platform. It allows organizations to build secure and private identity solutions for delivering consumer-centric... Mehr erfahren

AU10TIX is a cloud-based identity management solution that helps organizations in financial services, marketplaces, telecommunication, and other verticals handle identity verification processes. The software assists businesses... Mehr erfahren

Evidian is a cloud-based and on-premise identity governance and access management solution designed to help enterprises across finance, healthcare, telecom and various other sectors ensure the security of information systems.... Mehr erfahren

Plurilock DEFEND is deployed as a low-level, lightweight software agent on Windows and Mac OS systems. Plurilock DEFEND monitors all keyboard and pointer activity on the workstation or endpoint, using behavioral biometrics to... Mehr erfahren

EmpowerID is an identity management suite of solutions, which enable businesses in banking, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors to securely access cloud and on-premise applications. Professionals can automatically create,... Mehr erfahren